Racism IS Business As Usual for the United States

I never had any delusions about our country being “post-racial” after Obama’s election. All you had to do was listen to a Republican tying themselves in knots to try to explain why they opposed him at every turn without calling him a “ni**er” to know that racism is alive and well.

I’ve been shaking my head at how many folks out there are so pissed at the millennials who sat out this last election because they just weren’t excited about Hillary Clinton with cries of “entitlement” and “laziness.” But here is the thing. Nothing screams entitlement more than thinking that you deserve to an entire country to yourselves because you happen to have less melanin than the average human. I mean, what the actual fuck?

So, yeah: America is and has always been racist as hell. And let me double down on this fact: TRUMP WON BECAUSE RACIST WHITE PEOPLE VOTED FOR ANOTHER RACIST WHITE PERSON TO BE PRESIDENT. STOP APOLOGIZING FOR THEM.

If you voted for Trump you ARE a racist. Learn it. Love it. Live it. Maybe you don’t even know you’re a racist. But you are. Self-awareness and knowledge is not a prerequisite for being a racist.  Yet all these supposedly left-leaning politicians in Bernie Sanders’ corner want to be progressive while refusing to label the Trump movement for what is really is: A nativist, white supremacist, nationalist frenzy.

And if you have children, you should be terrified. I was so happy that my son was born during Obama’s tenure as president. I made me think of all the kids under the age of 8 who just thought it was normal that a Black man held the highest position of power in our country. But, it turns out that so many wypipo, rich or poor, urban or rural, felt that this was so completely out of the “natural order of things” that they gave their vote to a reality star clown in order to desperately hang on to the position of power and privilege they have held on to, well, since forever. That the patriarchal powers-that-be are willing to sell their souls to the highest bidders just to protect that power is actually pretty normal. I don’t, in retrospect, understand why I was so shocked I guess.

I’ll tell you what’s not normal: It’s not normal to think that climate change isn’t real. It’s not normal to demand to see the president’s birth certificate, but then be 100% okay with a presidential candidate who refuses to share his tax returns. It’s not normal to support a man who wants to ban Syrian refugees, and then bombs the shit out of their country to “protect” them. It’s not normal to refuse a woman the right to end an unwanted pregnancy under any circumstance because she is “killing a baby” while simultaneously rejecting child refugees from Syria, where babies are being bombed and murdered every day.

It’s not normal to say we live in a post-racial America, and try to deny the fact that the folks who voted for Trump are racists. Stop apologizing for them. Stop politicizing the very real hatred and danger people of color have felt tangibly in this country, day in and day out. This is the very definition of staying woke. We’re woke to that danger, to that level of threat and menace in our day to day lives. For those of y’all who are just so shocked by the uptick in hate crimes, in the fact that children are being bullied and taunted in school for the color of the skin or they family’s religious beliefs, recognize how fucking steeped in privilege you really are that you were able to believe this wasn’t happening before this god-awful election.

We should all be so lucky. Now that we all see what’s REALLY good though, how are we going to create a new normal for our children here in America?

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