The Day After Tomorrow: Hope & Love Can STILL Win

I know so many people are feeling abject dejection right now. I know it’s so hard to stomach the fact that millions of people in this country are okay with the idea of a man who has spewed such vile racist, xenophobic, ableist and sexist hatred being our president. It’s so disappointing.

I’m here to tell you to take heart. Everything is illuminated now for those who refused to accept the real world dangers surrounding us here in the country we call home. These institutions, everything from educational, financial and housing systems to the Electoral College, were not made for us. These were made for them. And They don’t want us to win. DJ Khaled is right.

When we elected President Obama in 2008, he got 15 million new voters to the polls, mostly Black, Latinx and very poor (a large percentage of new voters in Obama’s first election made less than $15K a year). The election of Trump is a direct reaction to the election of President Obama. Don’t get it twisted. White people came out in droves to tell us that this is THEIR country. And it is for the time being, but not for long.

Here is one indisputable fact: WE ARE STILL THE FUTURE.

Real talk, I don’t even want to claim this cesspool as my country right now. There is so much work to be done before I can feel proud to be an American again. Corporations have taken over our entire electoral system thanks to Citizens United. And even if they hadn’t, our Electoral College system is a fucking farce. How the hell are we okay with having ANOTHER president elected who lost the popular vote?

We should be rioting in the streets because we are in a civil war, my peoples. Make no qualms about it. On one side, we have a large and growing minority of Blacks, Latinxs, immigrants, LGBTQ, and WMW people, and on the other we have people who want to “Make America Great Again” by disenfranchising voters of color with, as one North Carolina judge noted, “surgical precision.” These are the people who thought Emmet Till got what he deserved and didn’t think racism was a problem until we had the audacity to elect a Black president who “brings up the topic all the time.”

The best conclusion we can draw from this election is that the people who voted for Trump are running scared. So what can we do now? Well, we have a few choices. There are some who want to abandon the country and move abroad. I can’t and won’t hate on that option. There are others who are fired up and want to help support non-profits who, rightfully so, are terrified about their futures and their ability to help those who need it most. That’s a noble cause. There are some who are pissed off about the ways our elections work in the first place and want to change the fundamental ways in which our democracy is run, that’s an amazing goal and one I can get behind this 100%. Whatever you feel is the best way forward, take it. But don’t just sit on your butt and complain. We need to create a coalition across races, socioeconomic backgrounds and gender identities that can stand up strong against the White supremacists who are about to get high level appointments in Trump’s cabinet. First things first, we MUST do away with the Republican majority in the house and senate and we can do that in two short years.

Me? I’m trying to figure out a way to raise my son and keep him safe in a country that seems to hate him, to hate US. I’m not sure how that’s going to look quite yet, I need more than 24 hours to figure it out, but one thing is for damn sure: I didn’t work as hard to get where I am now to let a bunch of old, scared folks tell me how I can and cannot live my life. So, I’m not going to stay quiet. I’m not going to act like this election was normal. I’m not going to legitimize this man’s presidency and this election the way the mainstream media has for months on end.

Donald Trump will NEVER be my president and the millions who voted for him will NEVER be my people. So they better get out of the way, because if they thought President Obama was scary, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Lesser of Two Evils: Misogyny VS Racism

Today I want to talk politics, because for real: Are you fucking kidding ‘Murica?

This election has been particularly hard on my sensibilities. I’m not a big Hillary supporter, not only because of her “super predators” comments, but because she supported foreign policy that sent so many children back to Honduras and El Salvador to a fairly certain death. In so many ways, she represents a brand of White Feminism that is very hard for me to stomach. Still, there is no denying that she actually listened to her constituents and has not only apologized for a lot of the shit that has happened as a direct result of her husband’s horrible policies but also shifted a lot of her own to reflect the very passionate Bernie supporters out there, like me, who are demanding more than just superficial change.

When Obama ran for President the very first time, a white woman asked me if I was “choosing my race over my gender” because of my support of the senator from Chicago. The question of if I have a choice is not really a question; it’s an assumption that only someone in a position of privilege can make. I don’t. I’m a person of color and I’m a woman. I can’t parse those two parts of my identity. It’s just who I am. Not only am I undeniably female as I walk through this world, but I’m also undeniably brown. In fact, I’m undeniably Afro-Latina. As in, I will never, ever “pass” and I’m fine with that. I love being a woman and I am so proud of my mixed heritage as a Puerto Rican that it probably annoys people sometimes. #YoSoyBoricuaPaQueTuLoSepa

I voted for Obama enthusiastically in part because I truly believed in the message of change and hope he was selling. Has he disappointed me in some ways? FOR SURE. But overall, I know that the alternative would have been so much worse it makes me shudder to think about it.

The thing about this election is that people are being forced to make false equivalencies and keep on insisting that this is a choice between the lesser of two evils. That’s where sexism comes into play. Donald Trump is an unqualified, failed business man with a history of cheating people out of money they are owed, cheating on his own taxes and cheating on his wives. Plus, he probably raped a young girl. He’s also a racist misogynist and most likely a white supremacist. He’s fucking EVIL y’all.

A Bush or a Clinton has held presidential power for 20 out of the last 28 years here in the U.S. That pretty much cements the status of our country as an oligarchy where a few select families control the majority of wealth and political power. In 2011, just 400 Americans had more wealth than half of all Americans combined and it’s just gotten worse in the last five years. That blows. But Hillary did not create the system she is currently benefiting from.

Here is the thing; we have real shit to criticize Hillary Clinton about because she has so much experience as a politician. She’s a career politician and Donald Trump is a career failure. The only thing he has really ever excelled at in his life was hosting a reality show where he told everyone they were “Fired.”

Yet Hillary Clinton has to stand across from this total asshat at debates and pretend that he is her equal and feign respect for someone who has never shown respect for anyone else. She is way more qualified than Trump and she has been preparing for this job pretty much her entire life. She wasn’t raised with a silver spoon and she was never given millions of dollars by her father to waste away on ill-advised investments. She has also never scammed people out of their hard earned money.

I don’t LOVE Hillary Clinton. I’m not all engaged by her the way I was with Obama or Bernie. But we have never, ever had a “perfect” candidate to elect because we will never all agree on who that “perfect” candidate would be. What we do have is a choice between someone who is qualified and someone who would make us a complete and utter mockery on a global scale.

For those of you considering a “protest” vote: Please, if you REALLY want to protest, start working towards a fundamental change in our electoral system. Don’t waste your vote on candidates who don’t believe in vaccinations or who think climate change isn’t a big deal because “the sun is going to actually grow and encompass the Earth anyways.”

The only reason we are even in this clusterfuck is because there is a radical change underfoot in this country and to a larger extent the whole world. It’s the browning of America and a lot of people are scared about it. The world is becoming smaller and borders less relevant and when it comes down to it, there are just plain more of US than THEM. So those with lesser intellect and closed minds want to elect white supremacists in the hopes of maintaining a power structure that is starting to hear its death knells. Electing Hillary won’t change the power dynamics in this country, but it would be great if we can prove to all Trump supporters that there are more of us who chose unity over segregation, who chose love over hate, who chose experience over idiocy.

Hate can never and should never win. And a woman should never be forced to pretend that a man is her equal just because he has a penis. That’s sexist. Misogyny is just a hateful as racism. That’s an equivalency that is true.