The day after I brought my son home from the hospital, there was news on NPR about a 19-year-old boy named Tony Robinson who was murdered by cops in Madison, WI. He was biracial. He was unarmed. He looked a lot like my son might when he’s all grown up. I held my newborn and cried because I knew deep down that I would never be able to fully protect him in a world seemingly hell-bent on his death and destruction.

Politics, identity, race, gender, and socioeconomics play such a huge role in how we raise our children, but we rarely talk about it. I needed a place to talk about raising black and brown men in this world. I needed a place to talk about being a woman of color here in the United States and how becoming a mother has made where we stand and what we have to stand for so crystal clear to me.

Welcome to Guerrilla Mama. Because we are all parenting on the front lines.

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